I paint what I love …

with simple means but high enthusiasm and ambition.

What I like most are horses, nature and music - what I add is my fantasy . . .

The drawing and painting means I mainly use are pencil, charcoal, red chalk,
watercolours and acrylic paints to draw and paint on paper or wood.

My pictures are divided into the categories
Horses, Nature- and Fantasy and Song Pictures,
"New!" shows my latest picture

The categories Horses and Nature- and Fantasy also contain
miniature pictures painted on wooden boxes or little treasure chests,
category Nature- and Fantasy as well calendar pictures and greeting cards.

If you like to have more information please send your questions to my e-mail
address: [email protected].

I hope you spend a nice and inspiring time with my pictures!


For protection of copyright the photos of my pictures are marked with the picture's title and my name.