Welcome to My Little Heep-Song World!


As a big fan of Uriah Heep I thought it could be nice to share this picture with other fans and to invite you to a visual journey visiting 25 songs of Uriah Heep. 

In 2019 I painted the picture My Little Heep-Song World made up of 25 images inspired by songs of Uriah Heep. The painting was born from the desire to express my gratitude for all of the joy the Heep Music has given me since the 70's until today. I was very happy to hand it over to Mick Box during a festival in Germany in summer 2019.

I chose one song from each studio album from "very 'eavy ... very 'umble" through "Living The Dream" (without any bonus tracks) - exception: from one of the albums I chose two songs. I numbered the images from 1 to 25 - image no. 17 has two parts (17a and 17b). The key to find the songs are the titles and lyrics. Of course I added my fantasy, my personal interpretation, and a little humour sometimes.  

If you want a little help please choose category "Little Help" in the menu of my website. There you will find a list of all 25 songs with the names of the albums ... but without the numbers. 
With this little help you just have to bring together the songs of the list with the images.  

To give you a clearer view on the details I made enlargements of the single song images.
You find this section at the bottom of this page.

L E T ' S   G O !!


... H O U R S   L A T E R ........  

. . .  FINISHED ? 

Congratulations if you found them all!

Congratulations if you tried it but didn't find all - I know it wasn't easy!

Biggest Congratulations if you had lots of fun on this journey!! 

To see the complete solution please choose category "Solution!" in the menu of my website. There you will find a list of all 25 songs with the names of the albums and the numbers.

I hope you had lots of fun searching and finding the 25 songs of our beloved Uriah Heep! 

If you like to give me some feedback you are very welcome to write me an e-mail to: [email protected]

If you like to have a look  on my further song-pictures, please choose category "Song Pictures" in the menu of my website. Each picture in that gallery is inspired by only one song. You will find three pictures inspired by Uriah Heep songs and some more inspired by songs of other bands.

I am very happy you gave some time to my Heep-Song picture and hope you enjoyed it!


Enlargements of the 25 song-images here :